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Here you can book your Tandem Skydive directly with the Instructors and do not over pay with a third party booking service. Watch out for: Toll Free booking numbers, skydiving from small planes, low altitude jumps, over priced picture and video packages, web sites without staff listings,  and rough landing areas.

Age: 16 and 17 with notarized parental consent or parent must be present.

300 lbs max and plus $1 per pound over 200lbs.

GoPro Ok with $179 package.

We jump from 13,000 not 9000 like others.

The process takes 1 - 2 hours.

Distance from San Francisco 2hr’s Distance from Yosemite Valley 2hr's Distance from S. Lake Tahoe 2hr's

Discounts: We can't go any lower but Tips are welcome.

(209) 369-1128

Parachute Center

We are highly experienced first time skydive instructors with New equipment. Our skydiving planes are large, fast, and nice as we provide you with the best priced and safest Tandem Skydiving in the World. No one does more Tandem skydives than we do!

"Tandem instructor made me feel safe and secure and it was a great way to start a birthday. " Eddie K.
"it felt like I was a bird and I was flying!! AFREAKINGMAZING!!!!! " Tavia P.


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(209) 369-1128

$100 Tandem Skydive to 13,000ft. Video and Pictures $75.

No Reservation Needed, Open Every Day 9am to 3pm.

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Jump New Equipment


$100 Tandem Skydive to 13,000ft.

Video and Pictures $75.

No Reservation Needed.

Open Every Day 9am to 3pm.